Jenson’s Christening

Jenson Jorje-Edward Hardy’s special day approached him and I was lucky enough to photograph his christening for him. It was a relaxed and happy atmosphere and a beautiful ceremony for him.

It started off at St James Church for the ceremony and I was lucky enough to take images at the church for him and then we all went a Snooker Hall for a bit of food and to celebrate the special day some more.

Have a look through the images and the emotions captured from this great day.

 IMG_5656 (Black And White) IMG_5658 (Black And White) IMG_5740 (Black And White)IMG_5632IMG_5731 (Black And White) IMG_5779 IMG_5802 IMG_5827 IMG_5859 (Black And White) IMG_5873 (Black And White) IMG_5876 IMG_5888 IMG_5981 IMG_5989 IMG_6050 IMG_6075 IMG_6026 IMG_6101 IMG_6102